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About Be-Ge Fastigheter AB


Be-Ge Fastigheter owns and manages residential and commercial real estate in the center of Oskarshamn.

The Company that is a subsidiary of Be-Ge Företagen AB has its domicile in Oskarshamn.

The property portfolio includes:

- Office floors easily tailored to customers needs
- Commercial property in the very center of Oskarshamn
- One to four roomed apartments in the heart of the city

This website is only in Swedish, but we are happy to help. Please contact us at any of the following

Postal address:
Be-Ge Fastighete AB
Box 912 572 29 Oskarshamn Sweden

Visiting address:
Köpmangatan 6A Oskarshamn Sweden Find it on th mapp

TEL: +46 491 45 46 10
FAX: +46 491 819 00

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TEL : 0491 45 46 10

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